below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

How much does a lesson cost?

Prices are available upon request because they depend on the number of players (1-4), your level, the amount of lessons and whether or not you are a member of any of the affiliated member clubs. (Members enjoy a discount.)

Do you play elsewhere in Spain? No problem for me!

Just text me, fill me in about your level, the number of players and how many lessons you would like to take. I will give you a fair and honest quote as I love teaching and making you a better player!

My number is +34 695 695 423. See you on a padel court!

We live abroad but would love to train with you! How about you coming to our club?

Lovely jubbly!

I love imparting my padel wisdom to others, so it does not matter where you live or play. Be it in Argentina, South Africa or anywhere in between, I'd love to come!

If I am to come to your club, it is best we work out for 2-3 days, or possibly longer. Obviously, we will have to take care of some practicalities regarding my means of transport and lodgings.

Hence this quick guide:

  1. Just text me via WhatsApp (+34 695 69 54 23) and tell me where you live
  2. We agree on when and where to work out
  3. If you want to arrange my means of transport and lodgings, perfect! Just fill me in on the details and I'll give you the thumbs up.
    If you don't want to take the trouble of having to look up everything, I'm more than happy to do it myself. I'll keep you posted about what I will pay upfront and afterwards you can just reimburse me.
  4. All there's left to do is wait until the time has come for me to arrive. We'll have a great padel time together!

When I am on holiday in Spain, can I book you for some lessons at a nearby padel club?


Just drop me a message on WhatsApp (+34 695 695 423), let me know where you will be and when you will be there.

I'll check my calendar and will let you know whether or not I'm available then!

We have an important padel tournament coming up and we could really use some coaching tips or advice. Do you want to be our coach for the course of the tournament?

I love coaching so the answer is: Yes, I do!

Because of my 20+ years of experience I have a very keen eye and can quickly dissect opponents and their game. Consequently, I'll give you tips and advice on what you should do in order to put yourself in the best position to win the match.

Having a coach simply is a massive advantage for you or for your team. It doesn't matter whether you're from Sweden, Switzerland, Poland or Belgium.

Just send me a text via WhatsApp (+34 695 695 423) or give me a call and I'm up for the job!

Have you coached any WPT players?

Yes, I have. I had the honour and the pleasure of coaching a few WPT players, among others: Alex Ruiz, Gonzalo Rubio and MatÍas Marina. Without wanting to sound blasé, I know practically all the players of the circuit, and their coaches.
At the moment I am coaching the former #1 Maxi Sanchez and his WPT partner, Tito Allemandi. Nacho Gadea, Celeste Paz and Angela Caro are also my WPT players for the 2021 season.
Besides WPT players, I have coached lots of other talented and hardworking people, youngsters and adults alike. It is deeply fulfulling to witness the moment that somethings just 'clicks'. That moment when all of the training hours pay off and when you see your players make the right decisions, without thinking. Brilliant!

Do you have any racket advice or favourite racket brands?

My current racket brand of choice is Soderling. I just love the feel, touch and power their rackets provide. You can find my racket reviews on my YouTube channel.
My very best advice would be to test some padel rackets. Play some matches with it and see how it feels, particularly at the net and in defense.

If the racket and you simply don't gel, please don't buy it. Try another one and determine whether that one feels right. Your racket should feel like an extension of your arm. If it does, just buy it and enjoy your padel time together. Treat your racket like a loving partner: take care of it and it will love you back!

Our company is pondering upon sponsoring you or collaborating with you. Or we would like to be mentioned on your website, because you have a huge following on social media. Is that something you're inclined to do?

I'm all ears. I'd be delighted to represent your brand, whether it is in the form of a collaboration, sponsor deal or partnership. Just send me an enquiry via e-mail or WhatsApp and I will look into it!

Do bear in mind that I will not switch racket or clothing brands (Spadda and Salming) as I'm a proud ambassador of those two companies.

I'm retired but would like to stay active. Is padel something for me?

The chances are that padel will be something for you!

Just give it a try and see how it goes. From the moment your ball crosses the net and lands inside your opponents' court, I bet you will be hooked! It truly is a highly addictive sport.

Moreover, you don't have to be an athlete or extremely fit to play the game. I've already seen two 80-year-olds beat two youngsters. It all boils down to technique, court awareness and position.

Our club is thinking of becoming an affiliated club so our members can enjoy special prices if they want to train with you. How do we proceed from here?

Great idea! Your club members will be thrilled!

They get to enjoy special discounts and prices for all of their lessons with me: they will be happy, you will be be happy because they are happy and I'm happy because everyone else is happy and because I get to do what I love most and that's teaching padel!

We can meet up in person to talk about the details of a collaboration or just get in touch via e-mail or WhatsApp. Thanks!

Are you still playing in the WPT?

I no longer play WPT-tournaments.

It was a question of the body over the mind: I still wanted to play but I had been having a few nagging injuries, which were hindering and bothering me so unfortunately I decided to call it quits in the WPT.

WPT players are true athletes. They put their body through gruelling workouts and stress, every single day, in order to become a better player. My body couldn't hold up any longer so I decided to focus on my family - I can tell you that the day I made that decision, blimey, it was a very joyous day for my wife! - and on my coaching career so as to make other players better.

Can we book you for a 4-lesson course or for an intensive 4-week padel plan, or more?

You betcha!

Intensive training courses are ideal to make great progress.

The lessons will be fixed by mutual agreement. They don't have to take place twice a week or not even weekly if your calendar doesn't allow it. You can book a course and we will plan the lessons accordingly. Oh, and the more lessons you book, the bigger your discount! So, what's not to like?